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【限定商品】駄玩具堂∴別注 シカルナ工房 怒髪鬼~THUNDERSTORM GODS~


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【駄玩具堂∴限定】 駄玩具堂∴別注 シカルナ工房 怒髪鬼~THUNDERSTORM GODS~ を発売いたします! シカルナ工房の怒髪鬼に別注をかけさせて頂き かの有名な風神雷神をオマージュした2体セットで登場! 更に今回は2体セット用に制作頂いた豪華化粧箱に加え ディスプレイ用の金屏風が付属致します!! ソフビならではの遊べる日本芸術を是非お楽しみ下さい! [DAGANGUDO-TOKYO∴ LIMITATION] Siccaluna-Koubou×DAGANGUDO-TOKYO∴ DOHATSU-ONI "THUNDERSTORM GODS" will be released! Siccaluna-Koubou's DOHATSU-ONI will be released in a special edition of 2 sets from DAGANGUDO-TOKYO∴ The color refers to the japanese traditional symbol of FUJIN-RAIJIN In addition to the luxury cosmetic boxes produced for 2 sets this time A gold folding screen for display is attached! ! Enjoy japanese art that you can play only with expressions based on softvinyl toy!!

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