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【キャンセル解放分】駄玩具堂∴×HAPPY LUCKY TOY 合成魔獣~NISIKIGOI~


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THE PERSON THAT THE PURCHASE IS HOPED FOR FROM THE FOREIGN COUNTRIES, PLEASE CONFIRM GUIDANCE UNDER THE JAPANESE EXPLANATION. 商品詳細 メーカー:HAPPY LUCKY TOY 販売元:駄玩具堂∴ 全長:約26cm パーツ:6パーツ(頭部付け替えパーツ含む) 素材:ソフトビニール垂らし込み成型(赤×黒×白) 付属品:ヘッダー、合成魔獣シール 10月7日、8日で注文受付をした駄玩具堂∴×HAPPY LUCKY TOY 合成魔獣~NISIKIGOI~のキャンセル解放分です。 商品詳細については下記ブログにまとめておりますのでご確認下さい。 BLOG:東京駄玩具字画録∴ https://sofvidigger.blogspot.jp/2017/10/107happy-lucky-toynishikigoi-from-7th.html ※注文受付時は個体はランダムでしたが、今回はキャンセル分の為、画像の商品のお渡しとなります。 Product Details Manufacturer: HAPPY LUCKY TOY Publisher: DAGANGUDO-TOKYO ∴ Total length: about 26 cm Parts: 6 parts (including head replacement parts) Material: Soft vinyl casting molded (red × black × white) Accessories: Header, synthetic demon seal It is a cancellation release of DAGANGUDO∴×HAPPY LUCKY TOY GOUSEIMAJUU "NISIKIGOI" which accepted orders on October 7th and 8th. For product details, please check the blog below. BLOG: 東京駄玩具字画録∴ https://sofvidigger.blogspot.jp/2017/10/107happy-lucky-toynishikigoi-from-7th.html ※ When ordering is accepted the individual was random, but this time it will be the delivery of the product of the image for the cancellation minute. DAGANGUDO∴×HAPPY LUCKY TOY GOUSEIMAJUU "NISIKIGOI" will be released!

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